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Things to Consider When Decommissioning a Data Centre

by | Jul 24, 2019 | IT Security, News

There are several different factors to consider when decommissioning a data centre, not just for a smooth operation and minimal risk, but also to ensure that you yield the maximum value from your IT assets. However, it’s not just your IT assets that you’ll need to consider. Protecting the infrastructure of the building, ensuring complete auditing tracking of all assets, logistics of transportation are among the most important factors for consideration. It goes without saying that this will have to be carried out in compliance with industry regulations.

With so many factors to consider, you’ll need to create a comprehensive checklist of areas for consideration before you begin the process of decommissioning your data centre. Enlisting the support of an accredited ITAD supplier will also help in this process, as they can advise on best practices and will ensure that all actions are executed in line with industry laws. Here are five things to consider when decommissioning a data centre:

Financial and Temporal Cost

There’s no denying that decommissioning a data centre is a big task, and you’ll need to invest time and money to get it right. Create a detailed breakdown of how long each element of the process will take, as well as all potential costs at that stage. It is also useful to keep a running tally of how much you will spend, as this gives you an overview of the process as a whole.

Assign task owners

Once you have created a breakdown of individual stages in the bigger process, you can assign different owners and managers to each of those stages. Of course, you’ll need a project manager to oversee the entire process, but having individuals take responsibility for smaller tasks means that all details are given the close attention they deserve. Keep a record of task owners and their responsibilities so that all involved can refer to a centralised document at any stage.

Consider vendors for resale of any equipment

Selling the equipment from your decommissioned data centre is a great way to earn back some of the costs of the decommissioning process, but it also helps make the process more environmentally sustainable. Identifying vendors at an early stage will help the resale process run smoothly. From air conditioning units to towers, phones and printers, you will be able to sell a lot of your equipment, providing it is in good working order. It goes without saying that, for any IT equipment, you’ll need to ensure that data is completely erased from the devices before you reselling. This means that, should your device fall into the wrong hands, future users will not be able to recover any of your business data.

Conduct a full audit

Auditing, and tracking, all items is of vital importance as it means that all equipment is accounted for. This isn’t just helpful in terms of logistics, it also minimising your chance of a data breach with equipment falling into the wrong hands. In your audit, you should log comprehensive information about each asset, including a description of appearance and its serial number. You should also log which box number and van in which that item is transported so that you can follow its journey.

Review your existing lease

Often overlooked, the lease on your data centre will outline how the building should be left after your move. Are all items on the inventory still present? Has there been any damage to the infrastructure, during your lease or as part of the removal process? Be sure to leave the building as is stipulated in the contract to avoid any unnecessary fines.

An experienced and certified ITAD supplier will be able to help with all areas for consideration as part of your data centre decommissioning. This is not just useful from a logistical point of view; an accredited ITAD partner will also ensure that each stage is conducted according to all relevant environmental laws and data protection regulation.

With over 25 years in the industry, tier1 are one of the UK’s highest accredited ITADs. We provide a full decommissioning & new equipment roll out service handled by qualified, skilled technicians to make the decommissioning process as simple as a process as possible for clients. For years, tier1 have provided these services throughout the UK & Europe, planning and scoping every project– regardless of size– to ensure maximum business continuity.

Contact us today on 0161 777 1000 or visit https://www.tier1.com to find out how we can help you dispose of your data safely and reliably.


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