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Maximising Value from Your ITAD Reverse Supply Chain

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Business technology is a wheel that never stops spinning. Each year the average speed of the computers available to buy increases, while data storage capabilities double on average. This results in a consistently high turnover of technology, as businesses strive to match their competitors and keep their systems up to date.

Replacing old systems with new systems is one issue, but what you do with your old systems presents an entirely unique set of problems. It should be obvious to all business owners that simply selling on the old IT assets is not an option, at least not until the data contained within has been securely deleted. Nor is it an option to dump the equipment at the nearest skip, as this could lead to a number of environmental and data security issues.

The best solution for almost all business will be to engage a reputable IT asset disposal provider, who will be able to advise on the best course of action to take when it comes to the disposal of your assets, as well as helping you to maximise the value of your IT equipment in the reverse supply chain.

How an ITAD Partner Can Help

The most important step to maximising the value of your assets in the reverse supply is in engaging an ITAD vendor who understands the market for used IT equipment and can exploit it to your advantage.

Your ITAD partner will work with you to establish the best course of action to dispose of and maximise value in your assets. That may be in recycling and resale, destruction, or more likely, a combination of all three.

For items that are marked for resale after all data has been securely deleted, your ITAD partner will be able to place a value on each asset, and put it to market in the channel which is likely is likely to be most profitable.

Supply and Demand

Specialist ITAD vendors will be able to maximise the value for your assets by tracking global supply and demand for the assets you wish to sell. The second-hand IT asset market is growing each year, with particularly high demand in developing countries who are looking to increase the quality of their business technology. A qualified and experienced ITAD partner will be able to track the market value of your assets, determining the optimum time to sell to generate the best possible financial return on your behalf.

The Reverse Supply Chain Network

Another important way an ITAD partner can help you to maximise value in the reverse supply chain is by utilising their network of contacts across the globe. An experienced ITAD vendor will be able to draw upon a web of business relationships formed over many years to find the right buyer for your IT assets. This network of contacts is crucial to ensuring your IT assets are sold at the right time, to the right people, at the best possible price.

With over 25 years industry experience, tier1 are proud to be the UK’s most accredited ITAD provider. We possess the skills, accreditations and experience to handle our clients’ data with the care they deserve, and to dispose of it responsibly and legally.

Contact us today on 0161 777 1000 or visit https://www.tier1.com to find out how we can help you dispose of your data safely and reliably as part of your reverse supply chain.


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