At the heart of our business is our goal to change lives for the better.

We are proud to be able to support Antz Junction through the work we do.

Working with Antz Junction on our ‘Through the Gate’ program allows us to give something back to the community, whilst also training a new talent base for future recruitment. We are supporting people into work and helping ex-offenders to get involved in the community and become valued members of society.

Here are 4 reasons why your business should fully embrace corporate social responsibility (CSR) and how you can do it.

It’s a Deal Breaker

Since the Social Value Act came into force, a large number of local authorities have increased their social value scoring criteria in the tendering process. For example, Manchester City Council now assign a minimum 20% of the scoring to social value.

CSR has become a deciding factor for many tenders. If you want to maximise your business’ chance of success, you need to be taking social value seriously.

For smaller businesses that may not have the time or resources to commit to a CSR strategy, some local authorities allow SME’s to pay into a fund which goes towards a collective strategy. This then provides the evidence of their positive impact for the tendering process.

It’s Good for Business

Antz Junction’s goal is to grow and give back. Therefore, businesses should not feel guilty about gaining from their CSR efforts. There’s nothing wrong with a win-win situation. It should be seen as a sign of success if everyone involved is benefitting.

Our connection with Antz Junction allows us to offer added value to our customers. Not only are we providing a market leading IT disposal service, we are also giving ex-offenders a second chance in the process.

An additional benefit we’ve found is the hardworking and talented employees we have been able to recruit as a result of the upskilling program we run with Antz Junction.

Where to Start?

Many local authorities now have CSR ‘toolkits’, designed to help businesses understand and deliver CSR. These not only include ideas but also potential partners that you could team up with to deliver an effective program.

It’s worth taking the time to research what your local authority is focused on in terms of social value so that your program can reflect it.

Try to think outside the box and create something original rather than following the mold of what is already out there.

Changing Expectations

Recent reviews to the Social Value Act introduced a new focus on accountability and innovation.

Public bodies will be required to take action and be accountable rather than just ‘consider’ CSR. This may see more local authorities increasing social value requirements and scoring.

Innovation may also be favoured in the future, meaning that businesses looking to introduce a new CSR strategy should be focusing on creative ways to provide social value.

We are always keen to hear from other socially minded businesses. If you would like any further help or advice on how you can get involved with Antz Junction or similar programs, or how we can dispose of your company’s end of life IT, then call us on 0161 777 1000.

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