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Most small companies don’t have an adequate IT refresh policy in place. That’s understandable, it can be an expensive procedure and, if it isn’t broken, why fix it? Most companies take a machine and take it for all it’s worth. That’s until one day, disaster strikes and the terminal is completely dead.

Sometimes it isn’t even about running your machine into the ground. As we all know, computers slow down over the years. This can be a real pain when you’re trying to keep your workforce active and productive. If systems are crashing, they don’t have the tools they need to do their jobs effectively.

To avoid such a situation, we encourage companies to adopt an IT refresh policy. This doesn’t have to mean hoisting all your current equipment out and supplying every single worker with a new top of the range piece of kit.

We recommend you look at roles that need more advanced hardware. Creative and design teams usually need a little more power due to the nature of their jobs. Something we’ve seen work in some businesses is using a trickle-down system, to keep recycling your current equipment.

How can Tier 1 help with your IT refresh?

Our corporate IT redeployment service allows our customers to redeploy used IT assets, professionally refurbished, re-imaged and smartly packaged back into another area of their business. The high standard of refurbishment and the quality of the repackaging of these items ensure that recipients do not feel hard done by when they receive their ‘new’ machine.

Implementing an IT redeployment scheme could help you save considerable amounts of money, whilst still making recipients of refurbished equipment feel valued.

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