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More often than not, small businesses wait until a device fails before replacing it. But is there a case for replacing IT equipment before it reaches its end of life? In this article, we take a look at why you should consider refreshing your IT in 2019.

Value for Money

When it comes to IT equipment, it’s important for businesses to consider and keep track of the value for money and total cost of ownership (TCO). With desktop PCs, between the third to sixth year of use, there is a 12.9% rise in annual TCO on average. Laptops used by agile workers fare much worse, with a 14.8% rise in total cost of ownership annually.

By refreshing your suite of IT assets, especially with high quality refurbished assets that offer excellent value for money, you can reduce TCO and the amount of time and resources spent on updating systems, troubleshooting problems or having physical asset repairs carried out.


Reportedly, 80% of the total cost of ownership relates to poor end-user productivity and support. Improving technology and working environment leads to a 3% productivity increase and more than half of employees site tech-related issues at work as something that prevents them from doing their jobs efficiently.

Unsurprisingly, 53% of workers believe that, if given better technology to use, they would be much more productive, which would increase employee job satisfaction in turn.


Replacing your old IT devices with new or refurbished assets can be costly to your business in more ways than one, if done incorrectly. Be sure to dispose of your old IT assets with an accredited ITAD company and purchase any refurbished equipment from a trusted, certified refurbisher and redistributor.

At Tier 1, we offer a range of IT asset disposal, refurbishment and re-marketing services. As a Crown Commercial Service Supplier, our processes and premises are extremely secure. We conduct our work from Ministry of Defence approved premises with CCTV, perimeter fencing and SC cleared staff. We have strict segregation of data-bearing assets and are one of the few companies in the country to hold an ADISA Distinction with Honours certification. We are also Microsoft Certified Refurbishers and Blancco Gold Partners. The security of the data you store on items that will be refurbished or disposed of is always our top priority.

Discover how we can help your business, school or organisation with all things ITAD and refurbished IT, by getting in touch with us today.

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