Many businesses are guilty of allowing old IT equipment to pile up, fearful of disposing of the items. Their lack of action is often excused because the computers could become useful again one day.

One of the main reasons businesses avoid disposing of old computers is not knowing how to do so and being fearful of unintentionally violating GDPR regulations.

Save Space

An old proverb states that a “tidy room” equates to a “tidy mind”. Data proves there is some truth in the statement, as a clean working environment has been proven to boost productivity. Nobody wants to look at a pile of old computers, whether that’s your staff or customers. Not only that, but office space can be expensive so why waste it storing unnecessary kit?

Improve Productivity

Tidy office space boosts employee morale, which in turn has a positive impact on productivity and job satisfaction. Inversely, an office cluttered with redundant IT can make staff feel unmotivated and reflects poorly on how the management views the office environment.

Protecting Data

All businesses have a duty to protect client data that they store. Exposing any data to a potential leak by not properly handling or disposing of devices the data is stored on at the end of its life cycle is a GDPR violation and could result in a large fine.

Dormant and unused desktops are vulnerable to a data breach as they generally are not managed and their security is not up-to-date. It is far safer to properly dispose of an old computer with an accredited ITAD company than to leave a device unmanaged.

Policy Upgrade

It’s far easier and safer from a GDPR standpoint to dispose of your old business desktops with an ADISA accredited ITAD company than to keep dormant assets laying around. If your business is holding on to any old computers out of fear that it will one day again become useful, consider buying a refurbished asset for the same quality and at a lower price when the time comes for a spare/backup device to be used.

To find out more about our secure IT disposal process, please contact our friendly and knowledgeable team today.

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