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Most businesses are aware of the significance of secure ITAD services when it comes to safeguarding corporate data and maintaining compliance with GDPR’s obligations for data erasure.

Secure data erasure is more important than ever in today’s digitally transformed businesses. However, ITAD consulting has developed to go beyond data destruction, addressing the needs of a constantly evolving industry and offering extra support services to overworked IT workers.

As any CISO will attest, managing the several specialised disciplines that fall under their purview is no simple task. Managing cybersecurity, compliance, social values, and environmental responsibility while persistently maximising productivity and operational efficiency is a complex and ever-changing juggling act.

How do ITAD services differ nowadays?

A fully cyclical system

Data destruction services are still essential to IT asset disposal businesses in order to maintain a strong line of cybersecurity defence, whether this involves decommissioning a data centre or erasing off-site data after a regular refresh cycle.

However, the top IT asset disposal businesses of today have a fully circular strategy, providing expert data security while taking into account the entire disposal ecosystem to ensure minimal environmental impact. Zero-landfill regulations significantly reduce dangerous e-waste, which was predicted to total 57.4 million tonnes in 2021*. These policies are based on the “reduce, reuse, recycle” philosophy.

ICT refurbishment  

Technology has a reputation for being hard or impossible to fix or update in recent years, which has led to a throwaway mentality that has fuelled the e-waste crisis.

In the EU’s path to achieve a fully circular economy by 2050, the “Right to Repair” is a crucial piece of law. Thankfully, this resulted in new manufacturer restrictions.

Modern ITAD services are challenging the notion that refurbished devices are inferior to brand-new ones.

While rigorous testing for each item and extended warranty options frequently go beyond the manufacturers’ specifications, longevity and performance have been directly comparable to those of brand-new equipment. Device restoration will increase its longevity and maximise its overall lifetime value, whether it is sold or used internally.

For instance, 90% of a laptop may be upgraded, including the storage, RAM, CPUs, and even the exterior design. Replaceable parts include keyboards, skins, displays, buttons, and mouse trackpads. Although it is impossible to remove some soldered components, such as the motherboard, interesting start-ups like Framework are emerging. In 2021, with the right to repair as their primary concern, they introduced a fully upgradeable notebook, which even includes the CPU.


Companies that specialise in IT assets and have a circular computing model at their core complete the cycle by having their own resale channel. Purchasing directly from an ITAD supplier gives customers the additional assurance that the product has been re-manufactured to the highest standards, tested one at a time, and comes with a warranty of their own. Many people are unaware that with refurbished equipment, both the seller and the buyer must abide by data protection laws; an ITAD re-commerce provider will guarantee that there are no ongoing concerns with data security.

Re-commerce is a very cost-effective approach for companies to address their current financial issues because refurbished goods can be up to 70% less expensive than equivalent new goods. Your company’s carbon footprint will be significantly reduced as well. An estimated 316kg (700lb) of CO2 is kept out of our already-damaged atmosphere by a single remanufactured laptop. Consider a huge organisation. Their typical refresh cycle would involve 1,000 computers; removing over 80 cars from the road for a year would be the equivalent.

At tier1, we stock a vast range of professionally refurbished laptops and PCs, including brands such as Lenovo, Dell, and HP. Visit our website today to browse our full selection. You will find great quality devices at a fraction of the price of buying new, whilst supporting the circular economy. 

IT asset recovery

When there is truly no other purpose for an asset, technology recycling should only be used as a last resort. But eventually, it becomes necessary to responsibly recycle outdated IT equipment. The individual components can be remanufactured into new devices after complete and secure data erasure has been performed by professional engineers. Ultimately, this helps to reduce the mining of new finite resources and, of course, e-waste.

Your redundant IT assets are effectively sold when you recover them through an ITAD provider, and you are paid more for the recycled parts.

The more seasoned IT disposal services are familiar with the resale market inside and out and know when to sell so you get the most money for your technology.

Reusing old mobile devices

We are all constantly connected, which increases our productivity while also ensuring that the majority of us always have a data-rich smartphone at our fingertips. All too frequently, improved mobile gadgets are abandoned in desk drawers to collect dust or, worse, are given to other family members when no longer needed. One of the most common ITAD errors is believing that a factory reset will erase all data. Unfortunately, it’s not quite that easy. ITAD mobile device recycling uses Blancco software, which has earned industry recognition and provides a 100% verifiable audit trail to ensure that your data cannot be recovered.

Lifecycle & aftercare

Leading IT asset disposal businesses provide a range of support services for both new and old IT infrastructures, helping to cut down on administrative time because they have a thorough understanding of their sector. For instance, companies opt to outsource IT audits, asset tagging, and documentation processes since asset management can be time-consuming.

A lifecycle service may create, image, store, and deploy your infrastructure as and when you need it, streamlining asset management. This includes the more conventional “collect and dispose” ITAD and threshold management and post-warranty maintenance.

What should you ask your ITAD provider?

Finding the ideal partner—a dependable source who fits your company’s demands and adheres to the same moral principles—can be difficult. It’s crucial to choose a flexible organisation that can adjust its IT asset disposition services to the particular needs of your company. Asking the correct questions is crucial because not all ITAD services are created equal.

Accreditations & accolades

While more data erasure services will have ADISA accreditation, which is the industry standard, you might search for a provider who has gone above and beyond. Notable certifications include BS EN 15716, ISO 9001 for quality management, and ISO 14001 for environmental management. A top ITAD company will also hold CPNI certification, belong to NAID Europe, and have attained Gold Partner Status with Blancco.

In terms of level of knowledge, quality of service, value for money, and most importantly, brand reputation, five-star customer ratings and industry awards offer external, third-party endorsement and authentication.


You can trust an ITAD company that has years of expertise under its belt and has numerous long-term clients besides having all the necessary certifications. The asset disposal market has undergone significant change, so it’s critical to know that your new ITAD partner has the extensive industry knowledge and is always well informed.

Data & Legal Compliance

You know that it is essential to properly and securely dispose of data-bearing assets in order to maintain compliance with the EU and UK GDPR, as well as the Waste Electric and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) directive. However, governmental legislation is continually changing, and legal requirements are quite complicated. Having a member of your larger team who is well-versed in the law can be very comforting, averting problems with data governance or, worse, a pricey data breach.

You must obtain a complete ITAD chain of custody when refurbishing or recycling any end-of-life IT assets in order to prove your compliance. Each device needs its own certification certificate for the disposal of IT assets.

Social standards

Asking about options to give your surplus IT equipment to a charity of your choice or to donate your residual value might be helpful as corporate social responsibility and sustainability continue to be important to many business executives.

ITAD services that are on the cutting edge operate under the Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) framework. They collaborate with educational institutions, the prison system, or other social enterprises to alter people’s lives, whether it is by supporting the success of the next generation of SMEs or by providing ex-offenders with training or rehabilitation programmes.

Building your own brand’s CSR reputation can be one of the many benefits of disposing of your company’s technology ethically.

While data destruction is still crucial in our digital age, the comprehensive, circular computing approach offered by the UK’s top IT asset disposition services goes much beyond what the acronym ITAD would imply.

Leading suppliers have changed their own services in much more than simply four letters to satisfy the shifting demands of the information technology industry.

An environmentally friendly ITAD solution will offer significant cost savings and help develop your firm; after all, ethical values are now a key business driver. ITAD is no longer only a data protection or waste regulation compliance obligation. With sustainability and societal effect at its foundation, a contemporary ITAD may help you show that you are committed to both the circular economy and environmental and social responsibility.

At Tier 1, we are leaders in the IT recycling and Asset Management industry, offering GDPR compliant, secure IT recycling, disposal and refurbishment services.

However, our approach to secure IT disposal is very simple. We guarantee the security of your data to the highest Government and ADISA standards and emphasise re-use and revenue return. From an organisation-wide desktop refresh, a data centre to Cloud migration or BAU disposal requirements, we ensure complete compliance with GDPR and WEEE legislation. However, the real Tier 1 differentiator is in the way we deliver social value through end-of-life IT.

Would you like to see how we can help you with IT Disposal?

Contact us at 0161 777 1000 or, or browse our website to learn more about our sustainable approach to environmentally friendly ITAD and asset recovery, as well as how hardware refurbishing, re-commerce, and lifecycle IT management could benefit your business.

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