Tier 1 retained the certification level of ‘distinction with honours’ at our last unannounced audit last week.

An out of the blue assessment first thing on a Monday morning could have caused a lesser organisation a few headaches when Tony Benham was asked to show his ID in reception at 9.00am, but nothing fazes an Operations team that is organised and prepared for such a test.

The audit consists of a thorough investigation into randomly selected assets from our warehouse. Right from evidencing contracts and agreements from the host customer, showing a detailed GPS tracking report of the assets’ journeys to Tier 1 and confirming the completion of a successful Blancco overwrite, the assessment is as thorough as any test that an ITAD (IT Asset Disposal) company will face.

With the advent of the new Data Protection legislation almost upon us, passing such an unannounced inspection is as good a real life risk assessment process that a corporate or Government IT user could wish for. In Tier 1’s case, our customers rest easy knowing that we comply at such a high level with the most stringent IT disposal standard in the country – and that their assets and data are in the safest of hands when they reach end of life.

A delighted Sam Brandwood, Mark Prophet and Jon Selby, who assisted in the provision of evidence for the audit, had little doubt what the outcome would be, but admitted that there are always a few butterflies when an inspector calls. “With the adherence to the ADISA standard, we know we’re open to audit at any time. The work we’ve done of late with the Institute of Manufacturing however gives me even more confidence that our processes are solid and our reporting function allows us to provide evidence in real time,” said Prophet. “Nonetheless, these surprise visits keep us on our toes and don’t allow us a moment’s complacency.”

Anyone wishing to view our Audit Report can contact Jon Selby at jselby@tier1.com to see how well we performed.

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