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At Tier 1 Online, we’re in the business of selling refurbished laptops and PCs. We believe that this represents a greener, cleaner, and cheaper alternative to buying new, but we also understand that, for buyers, it does come with certain pitfalls.

Key among these is that it can be difficult to know what to look for when you’re choosing your next purchase. Unlike more traditional buying options, you may not be familiar with how to sort the wheat from the dross, but luckily, we’re here to help.

Take a look through our brief guide to learn our five top tips for buying refurbished laptops and PCs.

Check the quality of the kit

When you’re buying second-hand, it can be difficult to know exactly what you’re getting. That’s why we recommend using retailers who utilise a grading system, and who have the knowledge to talk you through the merits of individual pieces of kit. At Tier 1, for example, all of our products are graded A (Great) to C (Functional), and most of them are ex-corporate.

Consider what you need

One thing that’s the same whether you’re buying new or refurbished is that it’s important to make a list of your requirements. Ask yourself what you need your new laptop or PC to do, and then make sure that any item of kit you purchase meets these criteria. Suppliers who offer plenty of choice are most likely to have something to suit you, and those who are reputable should be able to make you a recommendation based on the factors you outline to them.

Read reviews from customers

When you buy refurbished, the retailer you use is almost as important as the equipment you purchase. In order to make sure that the goods they’re selling are up to standard and will last the duration, spend some time on Trustpilot reading the company’s reviews. We are proud to be rated five stars and graded as ‘excellent’, so you know that we deliver exactly what we promise.

Check warranties

When you’re buying refurbished, you want to have some guarantee that the item you’ve just spent money on is going to last. This means that companies who offer a product guarantee should be preferred over those that don’t. All of our own kit comes with a minimum one-year warranty with the option to upgrade so that you can trust in its quality and longevity.

Take a look at the returns policy

Last but not least, it’s really important that you make sure any company you buy from has a returns policy that you’re happy with. If you’re not comfortable with the terms that are on offer, don’t be afraid to look elsewhere – you deserve to have full confidence in the product you’re purchasing and the retailer you’re granting your custom to.

Follow our five top tips today to make sure that you buy the perfect refurbed product for you! Browse our range of refurbished laptops and PCs at Tier 1 Online today. 

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