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5 Tips to Dispose of Your IT Assets Securely

by | Apr 23, 2018 | IT Security, News

With the impending implementation of the GDPR, which will come into place on 25th May, there is more pressure than ever on businesses to handle their data effectively – even when you no longer require certain data. This means that you also need to take extra care when it comes to disposing of your IT assets – an area where data security can get overlooked. In order to ensure your compliance with the GDPR, and peace of mind that your data is secure, we cover 5 tips to help you dispose of your IT assets securely.

Understand The Threat of Mistreated Data

It can be difficult, when disposing of IT equipment, to remember that such devices have been used to store incredibly sensitive information, which means their security isn’t taken quite as seriously as it should be. It is important to understand the consequences of not disposing of data correctly, other than the obvious monetary fines that come with the GDPR. Not only will your business suffer reputational damage out of a failure to securely dispose data, you also risk allowing highly sensitive business data (such as financial and personal information) to fall into the wrong hands.

Implement Policies for ITAD Security

A lack of an asset disposal policy seriously increases your risk of falling victim to a data breach. How can you ensure that your employees are taking ITAD security as seriously as they should be if they don’t have guidelines to follow? Your policy should outline the protocol for every different type of IT asset your business deals with, depending on its use and the data it has contained. Businesses within the private sector will be required to employ a Data Protection Officer under the GDPR, but it is advisable that all companies assign an employee to keep check on this policy, adapting them as necessary to meet the specific needs of that business. This policy should be stored in a central location that is easy for all employees to access and refer to at all times.

Educate Your Employees

How can you expect your employees to understand the importance of secure IT asset disposal and data security if you don’t provide them with the education? You should hold regular training sessions for employees in order that their knowledge of secure IT asset disposal is up to date with current regulations and changes within your business.

Track Your Assets

Keeping track of your assets should not begin at the stage of disposal, but rather the moment they enter into your company’s possession. You will be responsible for the devices and the data they store for the entirety of this time, which means it is vital that you keep track of how they are used and who by and where they are stored until the moment they are destroyed.

Choose a Reputable ITAD Provider

Though it is possible to dispose of your IT assets in-house, it is always advisable that you go through a reputable ITAD provider. Money should never be your primary concern when it comes to choosing this provider, but rather the security of your data, compliance with any relevant regulations (such as the WEEE Directive), as well as their certifications. You should be confident that your provider would act with as much respect for your end of life IT assets as you would yourself, as you will still be responsible for any data on your devices, even when they are in the hands of a third party.

Securely disposing of your IT assets isn’t, by any means, a simple task, but is most definitely worth the time and money you spend doing so. Instead of simply viewing it as a necessity to comply with regulation, you view secure IT asset disposal as a way of ensuring complete security for your business and customer data.

With over 25 years industry experience, tier1 are proud to be the UK’s most accredited ITAD supplier. We possess the skills, accreditations and experience to handle our clients’ data with the care they deserve, and to dispose of it responsibility and legally.

Contact us today on 0161 777 1000 or visit https://www.tier1.com to find out how we can help you dispose of your data safely and reliably.







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