We are delighted to announce that we have gained international acclaim for our “Through The Gate” project.

The project sees IT hardware that can no longer have its life prolonged by refurbishment sent to HM Prisons. Within the prison network, offenders are trained to safely and securely deconstruct and dispose of computers in specialist workshops which see them gaining valuable employment skills.

75% of participants taking part in the “Through The Gate” project have gone on to secure employment or work experience upon release from prison.

Tier 1 were guests at the international ADISA (Asset Disposal and Information Security Alliance) Spring Conference at the Birmingham NEC and were presented with the award for “Best ADISA ITAD Project”, which we worked on together with $13 billion global big data and cybersecurity company Atos.

Managing Director Jonathan Rose said:
“Tier 1 has always had corporate responsibility at the centre of our business model. To create safer, more secure digital asset management solutions within every industry, there needs to be an awareness of how this can benefit the community as a whole. We’ve found that by retraining individuals in IT hardware renovation and disposal, we are offering new employment opportunities as well as filling a crucially important skills gap.”

“We are thrilled to have been recognised for the ‘Best ADISA ITAD Project’ award. It proves to us that Tier 1’s ethos – ‘solutions for brighter futures’ – can benefit not just our commercial and business clients and partners, but the wider community too.”

For more information about our secure IT disposal service, or to discuss our ‘Through the Gate’ project, please get in touch today.

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