We at Tier 1 Asset Management are proud to announce that we have begun working with leading ICT for development (ICT4D) charity, Computer Aid International.

Computer Aid has been established for 19 years, transforming communities through technology both within the UK and internationally.

With new European Data Protection regulations coming into place, Computer Aid spent the beginning of 2016 reviewing its refurbishing and data erasing process to ensure that donors of IT hardware have complete peace of mind when donating their equipment.

This is where Tier 1 comes in.

Data security is the absolute bedrock of what we do. By ensuring the provision of precise and timely reporting throughout the disposal process, it gives both donors and Computer Aid ultimate confidence that their data is protected and destroyed at the highest level of security possible, guaranteed by our ADISA accreditation of Distinction with Honours.

With this guaranteed security for donors, we hope to help Computer Aid in their goal of increasing corporate donations, enabling them to provide ICT hardware to more communities that need them most, both at home and abroad. To date Computer Aid have sent over 230,000 machines all over the world, helping to bridge the digital divide. Through their work, Computer Aid enriches learning for teachers and students at schools and universities, enables doctors to connect, improving diagnostic capabilities, and increases food production and security for agricultural hubs and their communities.

Computer Aid also prioritises something very important to us at Tier 1. Since our inception in 1995, we have always advocated about the importance of the proper reuse and recycling of IT hardware. Not only does this make financial and legal sense, it is also far more environmentally friendly.

By partnering with Computer Aid, we are excited to not only encourage the recycling of computer hardware, but also to see them sent to communities that need them most, whilst realising both the donors and our own Corporate Social Responsibility.

Computer Aid - Zimbabwe

Keith Sonnet, Chief Executive of Computer Aid commented:

“By partnering with Tier 1 I am convinced that Computer Aid will be able to offer an enhanced service to the donors of ICT equipment with greater security of data, automatic asset tracking and a speedy and safe collection service.

“Equally our partners overseas working in underdeveloped countries will benefit from the provision of high quality professionally refurbished equipment. Not only will this provide access to the benefits of ICT which otherwise would not be available but reuse also reduces the adverse environmental consequences of electronic equipment.”

If you would like to find out more about Computer Aid, head to their website.

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