Tier 1 MD Jonathan Rose is the special guest on ADISA’s 10th-anniversary podcast.

Hosted by ADISA CEO, Steve Mellings, the podcast was released last month to commemorate the ITAD certification group’s decade in the industry.

In the 25-minute-long podcast interview, Steve and Jonathan discuss the evolution of IT asset disposal, looking back on the beginnings of Tier 1 and the regulatory challenges we faced.

Steve first visited Tier 1 in January 2011. In fact, Jonathan was the first business owner to go through the ASIDA certification process.

Now, Tier 1 is ADISA’S most highly-audited company.

Speaking about the regulatory landscape for IT disposal companies before ADISA, Jonathan says: “In the early days, we felt like we were pushing water up a hill. We thought we were doing things right, but without any regulation in place, it was really hard.

“10 years ago, accreditations were becoming more prevalent. Things were changing, and we were looking for a differentiator. There was no standard process for second hand or end-of-life IT.

“We were 15 years into Tier 1, and we felt that if we didn’t do something, we may lose our way.”

Steve Mellings says: “At that time, I’d been to around 20 businesses, but Tier 1 felt a bit different.”

Remembering the FA Cup replica made out of printed circuit boards in reception, Steve felt that Tier 1 instantly set itself apart from other companies in the industry – in more ways than one.

Other topics covered in the podcast include maintaining a culture of innovation, the benefits of being an SME and the importance of corporate social responsibility.

Jonathan says: “We have a strong culture of innovation and we’re trying to push the boundaries of that all the time.”

In fact, Jonathan explains that our work with the award-winning “Through The Gate” prison training programme crystalises that focus on innovation.

He says: “The programme was created to solve multiple problems. In the past six years since it’s been running, we’ve had 180 people complete the programme and access jobs, work experience and other opportunities. It just makes sense.”

In terms of certification, Jonathan says remaining compliant with industry standards and data protection regulations has never been a “box-ticking exercise” for Tier 1.

He adds: “When we perform to such a high standard to maintain ASIDA standards, all of our corporate clients benefit from that, too.”

Established in 2010, ADISA helps IT disposal businesses to manage risk and remain compliant with industry regulations.

Watch the full interview below.

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