COVID-19 has forced Corporate and Public Sector clients to review how they conduct their business. This includes how they interact with customers, how they manage their staff and buildings and how they manage their data and IT devices. That raises the question, how do Corporates continue to function profitably whilst not damaging their reputation or brand?

When it comes to end of life IT disposal, there is now the added challenge of a Corporates’ IT estate being spread across several thousand homeworker addresses.

There are several solutions available today but all have added risk and/or cost implications:

  • Sending an engineer to the homeworkers address is not only costly, but it requires a non-family member coming into the home, with no guarantees that the engineer’s arrival will be at a convenient time.
  • Using a traditional courier to collect from individuals and securely transport hardware to a central location is inconvenient and costly when we are only collecting fewer than a handful of devices.
  • And it’s unrealistic to expect all homeworkers to take on the data wipe themselves using a traditional, but often complicated USB key method that requires a separate drive to be posted back and forth.
  • It is even more unlikely that someone designated to work from home will come back into the office to return some heavy or bulky devices.

It is quite clear that none of the solutions are ideal, unless you utilise Tier 1’s dedicated homeworker remote data erasure service.

Using our remote data wiping solution, we make it easy.

All the homeworker needs to do to start the process is send an email to Tier 1. They will receive an email back with a few simple instructions to follow. Then we’ll do the rest.

The result? All data is eradicated from the device using HMG approved software and a tracked collection process that is arranged at the convenience of the user.

To find out more about our simple, affordable and legally-compliant solution, contact Amanda Davey on 0161 241 23 76 today or email

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