Atos Scaler

At Tier 1, we are incredibly proud of our acceptance into the acclaimed Atos Scaler program. Our company was chosen from a huge selection of businesses along with 13 other transformational organisations from around the world who are committed to lowering emissions and providing greener solutions for businesses. 

What is Atos Scaler?

Atos Scaler is an open innovation accelerator program which has been designed to help disruptive SMEs in specific industries to grow and flourish with an industry-led approach. 

With a focus on collaboration and digital innovation, the programme is perfect for forward-thinking businesses like Tier 1. 

Elie Girard, the CEO of Atos, said:

“Our new accelerator will be a key asset for Atos, enriching our portfolio to better support our customer innovation journey, and supporting Atos’ strategy while supporting the members of Atos Scaler. Industry focus, Security and Decarbonization have been key aspects in the selection of successful startups and will become even more important criteria for our upcoming target partners.”

The program matches Atos technology experts with carefully selected organisations (including us!) to collaborate and create innovative solutions for large clients. The programme also focuses on Atos’ values of decarbonisation and increased security, which we will continue to work on and implement in our business. The programme has an industry-by-design approach and in order to qualify, we needed to show that we already provided unique solutions to customers who had already shown interest.

Who are Atos?

Atos have years of experience helping businesses to innovate and embrace digital solutions. Now, this global powerhouse has over 110,000 people in 73 countries and they are Europe’s number one provider of digital services. We are proud to work with Atos and it is fantastic to be recognised for our commitment to their values of innovation and decarbonisation.

A unique opportunity

By giving Atos Scaler organisations access to its already impressive global customer base, we can provide unique solutions for businesses who are already in need of our services. The program is an 18-month scheme which will also allow us to access key resources from Atos, like their international business development experts, data hosting solutions as well as their ideation and DevSecOps platform. All organisations who take part in the program meet with Atos customers and partners and we will participate in demos at dedicated Atos Business Technology and Innovation Centres.

A greener future

As we embark further on our journey with Atos, we will be able to share our unique IT asset management solution with far more clients from around the world. We can’t wait to learn and grow with Atos and provide our existing clients and the new businesses we meet through Atos Scaler, with dynamic and innovative solutions. As we work with Atos towards their goal of being carbon negative by 2035, we believe we can help even more businesses cut down their emissions and reduce their environmental impact.

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