We at Tier 1 take our corporate social responsibility very seriously. Alongside our work with Computer Aid, we’ve also been working with Antz Junction to offer offenders a second chance when they leave prison.

Antz Junction

At Tier 1, we refurbish the majority of the IT hardware we handle. Sometimes a computer has reached the end of its life and cannot be refurbished. This is when we send it over to HM Prisons.

This is part of Antz Junction’s ‘Through The Gate’ program. Within the course, offenders are trained on how to safely and thoroughly deconstruct and dispose of computers.

As part of this course, the offenders receive an NVQ and often find work experience or a full-time job in the sector. We have seen fantastic results from this program, with 75% of participants going on to find employment or work experience.

Unfortunately, the Government’s own schemes are having less success.


The government’s own assessment of the prison system is that it fails to rehabilitate criminals or prevent them from reoffending. The cost to the taxpayer of reoffending stands at around £15bn per year in the criminal justice system alone.

Evidence given to the Parliament’s Work and Pensions Committee made it clear that there is no single person who has responsibility for helping prison leavers into work. There was also no clear strategy for how different agencies, in different prisons, should work together to get ex-offenders into work.

3x More Success with Tier 1

Current government statistics show that 26.5% of prisoners enter employment on release. Therefore, our work alongside Antz Junction is three times more effective than the national average.

We’re extremely proud of the work we do with Antz Junction and all it takes from you is to recycle your old IT equipment with us.

If you’d like to chat to someone about disposing of your old IT equipment or about the work we do with Antz Junction then give us a call on 0161 777 1000.

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