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Whether your business is looking to buy refurbished laptops or redeploy IT from one area of your business back into another area, there are plenty of benefits to utilising refurbished PCs.

Save money with refurbished laptops

Many new businesses begin with a limited budget, meaning that it’s not possible to spend large amounts on the latest and highest spec PCs. Refurbished PCs give these businesses the opportunity to access good quality PCs at a lower price.

Not only that but refurbished IT assets aren’t subject to the same market and price fluctuations as brand new PCs. This means the pricing is more stable so businesses can budget more effectively.

Enjoy quality

With refurbished PCs, businesses can purchase high-quality assets for less. With new equipment, the same budget may only allow companies to purchase a basic spec laptop or PC, rather than a higher quality and more durable refurbished option.

As a Microsoft Registered Refurbisher, all of Tier 1’s refurbished IT assets are done so to a high standard, complete with all necessary updates and installations. In the interest of empowering buyers, all of our devices are categorised into bands to indicate their quality – from A (great) to C (functional).

Reduce e-waste

Redeploying or introducing refurbished PCs into a business helps to reduce the amount of electronic waste (e-waste) that is produced. E-waste is one of the fastest growing environmental epidemics the planet is facing, and improperly disposing of it through burning has detrimental effects on the environment and human health. Making changes to how a business treats and (re)uses electronic devices – especially with the help of a socially inclusive business, such as Tier 1 – also has incredible CSR benefits for the company.

Find out how we can help you re-use or remarket your old IT, or browse our wide range of great value refurbished laptops or PCs.

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