Why Use an IT Asset Management Company?

Securely disposing of your IT assets is an important task you might not have prepared for. For businesses who commonly have a lot of laptops and computers in use at any one time, planning for disposing of these assets is even more of an important task, as they are legally required to securely dispose of end-of-life electronic items.

Electronic waste harms the environment, and improperly disposed of IT items can compromise your data security. In 2016, the equivalent of 4,500 Eiffel Towers worth of e-waste in tonnes was generated, with the amount rising and predicted only to rise further. Using an IT asset management company helps the environment, protects your data and your business and can save you money through refurbishment and redeployment schemes.

Who Are ADISA?

ADISA is an IT asset handling body that oversees all handling of end-of-life computers, laptops and ICT equipment. They exist to ensure that data security and environmental legislation is prioritised when IT asset management companies handle electronic assets. ADISA accredited recyclers are the only IT recyclers you should use, regardless of whether you’re looking to dispose of your personal IT items or those belonging to a business. ADISA uses several tiers of accreditation, with the highest certification being a Distinction with Honours.

The Importance of Using an ADISA Accredited Company

Improperly disposed of e-waste can end up in ‘recycling sites’ in developing countries, where they are broken down using methods that risk the safety of workers and compromise the groundwater, earth and air, leading to adverse health effects for those who live and work in surrounding areas.

The elements in electronic items don’t just harm people, but also the planet. When these items aren’t securely disposed of, these elements (such as cadmium, mercury and lead) are released into the environment and poison the natural resources of the area. Proper handling of these items due to the hazardous nature of the elements they contain is extremely important in preserving the health of the planet and of IT recycling workers.

ADISA makes sure that the data contained within the computers and laptops their accredited companies handle is cleansed thoroughly and that security of data is a top priority, giving consumers and customers complete peace of mind. They achieve this by tracking every component of an asset as it’s dissembled and through implementing a multiple-step process for data sanitisation.

Accredited IT asset management companies, such as Tier 1, can save you money through refurbishing and redeploying IT assets, reducing the requirement for new IT equipment and reducing your environmental impact by reducing the amount of e-waste you produce.

If you would like to find out more about how Tier 1 can support your business with safe and secure IT asset management, please get in touch today on 0161 777 1000 or service@tier1.com.

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