We’ve written before about the benefits of recycling your computers with Tier 1 from a business standpoint. If you’ve not read our previous posts, take a look at this video.

From a global standpoint the importance is even more significant. Here are just a handful of benefits associated with recycling your IT equipment.

Reduces Landfill

Not long ago, the UK was one of Europe’s biggest contributors to landfill sites. Bear in mind that Britain is a fairly small country in comparison to others in Europe. Pre 2006, around 40% of hazardous waste went to landfill sites, whereas since 2006, this has dropped to less than 10% and continues to fall year on year.


Logically, by reducing hazardous waste – by sending less equipment to landfills – there will be a positive impact on the environment. On top of this, the Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) directive was introduced in 2007. The RoHS directive eradicated the use of harmful toxins in the manufacturing process of laptop and computer screens etc. Before the directive, these harmful toxins affected waterlines, wildlife and the atmosphere.

Health Benefits

The RoHS directive restricted hazardous substances that entered new products but what happens with the older electrical equipment that was manufactured before 2007? It all needs to go somewhere and that ‘somewhere’ certainly shouldn’t be landfill if it’s avoidable. This is why recycling should be the first port of call before any other form of laptop or computer disposal.

Energy Saving

By reducing the amount of new laptops being created, in favour of recycling perfectly fine laptops can help reduce emissions by a sizeable amount. A lot of the hardware that we receive is actually in good working order, once we have stripped them clean, but were just no longer fit for purpose in the business recycling them.

When it comes to disposing of your old computer hardware, explore your recycling options and make the most of our quick and easy service that will not only benefit your company, but the environment too.

If you’d like to speak to someone at Tier 1 IT Disposal about recycling your IT hardware then give us a call on 0161 777 1000.

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