Tier 1 is a company passionate about making technology accessible, especially to those using IT in education.

We’ve previously worked with the fantastic charity Computer Aid to bring IT access to marginalised youth in Colombia via the organisation’s successful ‘ZubaBox’ programme.

Recently, Tier 1 was made aware that Bolton College were looking to donate a set of laptops to a local primary school. We agreed that we would take care of the donation on their behalf. We brought the laptops in, securely data wiped them and provided the necessary evidence, fully refurbished them, including a Windows 10 MAR installation, before sending them over to Springside Primary School in Bury.

Putting the laptops through our ADISA-certified process and providing our Blancco tamper-proof audit trail ensures that any sensitive data is removed from the devices, whilst preparing them for re-use in the school.

Anthony Stansfield, Tier 1 Operations Director said:

“When we heard that Bolton College were looking to make the donation, we were only too happy to help. As a local business, it’s nice for us to be able to give something back to the school — particularly when it’s something that the children will benefit so much from”.

The importance of IT in education can’t be overstated. Tier 1 is proud to work with other Greater Manchester based organisations to be able to provide this vital access to the next generation.

Springside Head Teacher, Gillian Thornicroft commented,

“These donations have saved the school a large amount of money and will be very beneficial for the children’s learning.”

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