Many businesses have taken to supporting charities over the years, framing themselves as community leaders who are socially responsible and invested in adding social value. However, the dynamic between charities and businesses has long been unequal, with some businesses reaping the positive image CSR provides while doing a minimum amount to help their chosen charities. At Tier 1, we believe in adding genuine social value to our wider community.

One way we achieve meaningful CSR is via our ‘Through The Gate’ program, carried out in partnership with ANTZ Junction. The project helps support ex-offenders, giving them employment opportunities and reducing the chance of reoffending. Tier 1 supports them not by traditionally donating to the charity to fund their efforts, but by structuring our business model so that we’re geared towards helping the local community actively. Read more about our Through the Gate project.

As Jen Gillies Pemberton, ANTZ Group’s CEO and founder said, “The difference between charity and a true social value model is that everyone benefits – the business, charities and the local community.” Donating is simply not enough to add real social value to your community, modelling your business in a socially responsible and locally involved manner is the best way to affect real change, and it truly does benefit everyone to do so.

Jen recently wrote a brilliant article for the Big Issue about reframing the relationship between business and charity. You can read the article here and please get in touch if you would like more information about our Through the Gate project.

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