Annually, each Briton throws away somewhere between 20 and 25kg of electronic waste, on average. E-waste is the fastest growing waste problem in the world, with the rapid advancement of technology and the growing mentality that you must upgrade your devices with every new release.

Benjamin Von Wong is a photographer with a background in engineering, whose photos feature epic sculptures and backdrops. Previously, he’s shot photos of mermaids being stranded in plastic waste to draw attention to the pollution of the world’s oceans with plastic. On average, each year 8 millions tons of plastic enter the oceans with 60-90% of marine litter being plastic related.

While attending SXSW last year, Von Wong learned the shocking statistics on e-waste and that computer manufacturer and fellow Computer Aid contributor, Dell, runs the world’s largest electronics-centric recycled program. At the event, Von Wong found that Dell were interested in collaborating with artists and individuals to help encourage conversations about e-waste and inspire people to take action to reduce the amount of electronic waste they produced, and change how they disposed of it. Von Wong reached out to Dell’s CSR team to find out more information on how to get involved. The result was a collaboration that produced three amazing photographs.

The pictures show a surreal dystopian future, where technology has taken over. Creating the sets took 4100lbs of ‘resurrected’ electronic waste, which is the approximate amount an American may use through the course of their lifetime. A team of volunteers was assembled through social media recruitment, with 50 people in total working for 10 days, some of whom travelled from over 12 hours away to be involved, built the scenes from e-waste leant to the project by Dell.

We feel it is important to highlight the e-waste issue to encourage more businesses to take action and recycle or dispose of their equipment responsibly. If you would like to find out how we can help you do that, please call us on 0161 777 1000 or email

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