eWaste Furniture Concept

At Tier 1, we are passionate about ensuring none of the IT equipment we dispose of finds its way to landfill.

Whilst simply reusing old electronics is generally the best approach, a new furniture company has begun creating products out of old smartphones.

Pentatonic, which has launched this month, aims to cut the production of new materials by turning people’s waste, including food, drink, cosmetics packaging, hand-held electronic devices, DVDs, and food waste, into household objects.

The company is currently producing tables, chairs, glassware and individual components of furniture.

Modular Products

All furniture created is modular, meaning that customers can change it into something else at a later date.

Pentatonic will trade parts and materials with existing customers, as well as buying back products customers no longer want.

The company is also aiming to minimise “toxic materials” such as paints, resins, glues, and formaldehyde.

High Carbon Footprint

Pentatonic co-founder Jamie Hall said, “Furniture has traditionally been an industry with a high carbon footprint.”

“There is a long-standing trend of short-lived ‘disposable’ furniture that can’t be recycled, and the sector has taken a dangerous trajectory in terms of environmental damage.”

He adds: “If every home in the world had a single piece of furniture, accessory or clothing made from trash, that would be a lot of trash doing something more valuable than floating in an ocean or burning in a landfill.”

The concept of creating furniture for waste is certainly an interesting concept, as well as Pentatonic’s attempt to create a circular economy. Whether it will take off on a mainstream level will have to be seen.

We are always interested to hear about new approaches to reducing eWaste. This is an innovative method which will hopefully raise awareness and encourage others to take eWaste more seriously.

If you would like to talk to someone at Tier 1 about responsibly disposing of your old computers and laptops then call us on 0161 777 1000. 

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