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ITAD Explained: How Does IT Asset Disposal Work?

by | Jan 4, 2019 | IT Security, Uncategorised

If you run your own business, or if you’re the person responsible for managing the data security of a company, then you may be familiar with IT asset disposal. However, few people understand precisely what is involved in the practice of disposing of IT assets. For an IT asset disposal company such as EOL IT Services, there are many considerations to be taken into account such as logistics, environmental regulations and, of course, data security.

There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to IT asset disposal, but in many cases, the following steps will form the basis of an ITAD plan:

  • Deinstallation and Collection
  • Destruction and Sanitisation
  • Asset Remarketing
  • Asset Disposal and Recycling

In our latest article, we’ll take you through these four crucial IT asset disposal steps.

Deinstallation and Collection

The first step after you engage an ITAD vendor to assist in the disposal of your IT assets will be to uninstall and collect your assets, ensuring they are fully tracked and auditable throughout.

In this step by step process, each asset due to be uninstalled and collected will be uninstalled, removed from the network, and entered into an asset database to ensure that each asset can be tracked throughout the ITAD process.

The items will also be filtered out to determine which are data-bearing, and which can potentially be remarketed.

Destruction and Sanitisation

This is the second, but perhaps most important step in the entire process. In this step, every data-bearing device documented in the first phase – from storage disks to servers – must have their data sanitised or destroyed. Depending on the service you have chosen, this can be done either on-site, or after the assets have been uninstalled and transferred to a secure facility. The service you opt for here will depend on many factors, including overall cost and regulatory compliance.

When it comes to on-site data erasure, EOL IT Services utilise NCSC approved HMG Infosec Level 5 Enhanced overwrite of the hard drive using Blancco certified software to ensure that all data contained within is rendered completely irretrievable.

Asset Remarketing

Following the complete and secure sanitisation of your data-bearing assets, it is safe to explore potential areas where you can recoup costs by remarketing your old devices. Fully qualified ITAD vendors will be able to suggest several outlets for remarketing, to help you maximise the value you are able to recoup. A reputable ITAD vendor will also report in full on any remarketed assets, to ensure your records fully reflect the status of all assets which belonged to your company.

Asset Disposal and Recycling

Finally, once your IT assets have been securely uninstalled, collected, sanitised and filtered for remarketing, your ITAD vendor will deal with the devices unsuited for resale or storage. In this phase, your chosen ITAD partner will help to ensure the secure and environmentally responsible disposal of your assets. The dumping of illegal E-waste is a common practice of ITAD companies offering ‘free’ services, so be sure to quiz your potential partner on the relevant E-waste regulations, such as the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive (WEEE); The Landfill Act 2002; and The Environmental Protection Act 1999.

With over 25 years industry experience, tier1 are proud to be the UK’s most accredited ITAD supplier. We possess the skills, accreditations and experience to handle our clients’ data with the care they deserve, and to dispose of it responsibility and legally.

Contact us today on 0161 777 1000 or visit https://www.tier1.com to find out how we can help you dispose of your data safely and reliably.

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