This year IT redeployment solutions such as those offered by Tier 1 are becoming more appealing than ever as the European Union steps up its campaign to promote sustainability in the technology sector alongside an ever-increasing public passion for the environment.

Last year marked an escalation of the EU’s Green Deal for the electronics sector, complementing earlier policies such as the Batteries Directive 2006 on the journey toward a “circular economy” in tech. The phrase refers to a new vision of a product’s life cycle, wherein products are not simply manufactured, used and discarded but used, reused and reused again.

With under 40% of Europe’s technological waste being recycled, the passion for promoting sustainability is well-founded and escalating with each passing month. 2021 saw the establishment of a Circular Economy Research Hub at the University of Exeter, funded by the British government with the aim of “collaborating with industry […] to reduce waste and boost the economy” according to Amanda Solloway, the minister for science, research and innovation.

This points to increased political will from legislators to tackle the sustainability crisis in tech, which enterprise consumers must take note of. Greener approaches to business have long been a popular talking point but the government has started the new year with a strong signal that the time for action is approaching ever-faster. And they have the public on their side – a 2018 study by laundry brand Ecover found that over a third of the public back fines and other legal action for businesses that fail to reduce their waste.

Indeed, the potential benefits to a business’ public profile by reducing their waste shouldn’t be understated. More than half of UK consumers consider sustainability an important factor when deciding what products and services to buy, with over two-thirds saying they could be swayed in favour of more sustainable businesses when the opportunity arose.

With a combination of state action, existing public sentiment and a post-Coronavirus appetite to look anew at our economic and environmental settlement all pushing the needle further toward dramatic reform in the near future, businesses would do well to get ahead of the curve. Realigning consumption priorities in 2022 can win public support and avoid a nasty reckoning from regulators.

And while a lot of this can and will happen on the production end of the supply chain, end users have immense power to make a difference. British office waste drains around £15 billion per year from the economy by some estimates, with some sources suggesting that less than a quarter of recyclable waste finds its way to a recycling facility.

Waste paper and coffee cups are a significant part of that total, but so too are the monitors, towers and laptops that so many rely on to get their daily tasks done. Computers are complex machines and when they break many are tempted simply to cast them aside and replace them. But that complexity is what makes them repairable, and it’s what empowers Tier 1 to take in your ailing equipment and rejuvenate it.

Tier 1’s corporate ICT redeployment service can offer your business the sustainability credentials it needs in the age of the circular economy, not to mention doing the environment and your bottom line a favour by ensuring your tired old equipment is ready to soldier on for months or even years, saving you the expense of replacing it.

As a Microsoft Registered Refurbisher we can make sure your software is correctly configured and up to date, while offering you a choice of new internal components to suit your needs and a warranty option to set your mind at ease. Redeployment with Tier 1 is affordable, flexible and effective. There’s no better way to prepare for our green future. Get in touch today to find out more, call us on 0161 777 1000.

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