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When it comes to researching the right IT recycling company for you, you’ve likely come across the phrase “ADISA-accredited”. But what does that mean? And do you need to worry if you use an IT recycling company that doesn’t carry it?

What is ADISA accreditation?

ADISA stands for the Asset Disposal & Information Security Alliance. It’s an international body that has established standards and practices for all elements of IT asset disposal. This ensures high-quality service, environmentally-friendly disposal methods, and reliable security.

ADISA accreditation is not easy to achieve, it’s not something a business can just sign up for. It includes numerous audits, both announced and unannounced, resulting in accreditation. That accreditation is not long-standing, either, it has to be continually maintained, which requires considerable dedication.

This is why very few IT asset disposal companies can boast ADISA accreditation.

Is it safe to use a non-ADISA accredited company?

There are far more IT asset disposal companies without proper ADISA-accreditation than with, so is it safe for you to use their services? The answer is “probably”.

The issue with ADISA accreditation is that it’s difficult to achieve, and requires a lot of effort to maintain, so many IT asset disposal companies simply don’t put the effort in. That doesn’t in itself mean they are unethical or lazy in their approach to the disposal of IT assets.

Most IT asset disposal companies are perfectly ethical, experienced, and knowledgeable – whether they have ADISA-accreditation or not. The problem is that applies to most companies, not all.

Disposal of IT assets in an ethical, environmentally friendly, and secure manner is essential for all businesses, regardless of their scale. While you might be able to achieve that through a non-accredited company, the only way to be genuinely sure of it is to use one with ADISA accreditation.

That accreditation is going to give you complete peace of mind that your IT assets are going to be disposed of properly. Those companies with ADISA accreditation, such as Tier 1, have made considerable effort to achieve it, which should inspire the confidence in you that your IT assets are being securely handled.

For ADISA-accredited IT asset disposal you can trust, contact Tier 1 today.

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