Computer Aid is a non-profit organisation focused on ICT for development. The organisation has been running for 20 years (since 1998) and has since brought one billion plus hours of access to digital technology to over one million children and young people around the world.

Like Tier 1, Computer Aid believes that digital technology and access to IT has the power to enhance and change lives for the better, providing people with more opportunities for learning, connecting with others, developing their skills and expanding their horizons exponentially.

Tier 1 and Computer Aid

As of 2016, Tier 1 has proudly worked with Computer Aid in their mission to improve and transform communities through technology, both within the UK and internationally. Since forming our partnership, Tier 1 has supported Computer Aid’s fantastic work by providing secure IT disposal, something that, as Blancco ‘Gold’ partners, is the bedrock of what we do.

Social responsibility is intrinsic to Tier 1 and working with an organisation such as Computer Aid, which shares our values of ICT for education and development and also of safe and efficient IT disposal, reuse and recycling, is something we are extremely proud of.

South American ZubaBox

Through our partnership, Tier 1 was able to work with Computer Aid to provide refurbished IT equipment to the organisation’s South American ZubaBox program. The program helps to give IT access to marginalised youth who have escaped the violence and conflict in Cazucá, Colombia.

A ZubaBox is a solar powered internet space, not dissimilar to an internet cafe, that was developed by Computer Aid International to provide a unique and uncompromised environment for young people to access skills training that will help them get ahead, all of which is provided by in-country expert trainers.

CAI’s ZubaBoxes are aimed at helping to provide valuable 21st century skills and development opportunities for young people, but they also act as a pinnacle for the community, where local young people can gather and spend time.

This ZubaBox is South America’s first ever, and it was installed in Cazucá in partnership with Dell, a company that recently doubled its 2020 sustainable materials goal – a target that is an excellent step in reducing e-waste globally.

The ultimate goal of the ZubaBox program is to give access to quality IT, learning and development resources that will motivate young people across the globe to achieve more in life, work and school scenarios, and to equip them with the transferable skills to do so.

We could not be more proud that our refurbished laptops and PCs are being used to help enrich the lives of young people by helping them develop new skills and access more opportunities and we’re excited to continue our work with Computer Aid.

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