What should any good business do with their old IT equipment? While simply throwing away outdated or broken computers is tempting, this is not best practice. Instead, you should think about getting your old IT kit disposed of, recycled, sanitised or professionally refurbished. This will not only help protect your company from data leaks but it will also see you meet your responsibilities around sustainable waste. With e-waste becoming a hot topic globally and companies being asked to do more to help tackle it, proper disposal of old computers, tablets and laptops is crucial.

But what are the top tips to take on board when disposing of your old IT?

Hire a reputable ITAD to help

When it comes to safely disposing of your old IT equipment, hiring a reputable IT asset disposal company is paramount. Do not just chuck it into a skip and hope for the best! It is also not wise to attempt to handle data sanitisation or shredding in-house. Proper data sanitisation is not just deleting files from a desktop. It requires specific software and high-level knowledge. If you do not hire a professional company to do tasks like this for you, sensitive data may still be accessible to other people. If shredding is needed, you will also not have the right facilities to do it in an environmentally friendly way. With this in mind, it is vital to call in a specialist IT asset disposal partner who has the tools and knowledge needed.

Look for the right industry accreditations

But how do you go about finding the right partner to work with? There are many different IT asset disposal companies out there who will offer to handle it for you. It is crucial to do your research though and choose one you can trust. This will give you peace of mind that your old data will be securely wiped and dealt with. It will also give you confidence that any non-recyclable parts will be dealt with in the right way.

A good tip is to look for an ADISA accredited IT asset disposal partner. You could also look for partners with relevant ISO certifications, such as ISO 27001 Information Security Standard. Accreditations like this are the sign of a well-run organisation that has been independently assessed for good working practice.

Think about recycling and remarketing options

Wiping drives with relevant software is superb for the environment as it does not require the physical destruction of them. Once the data is wiped and the device is refurbished, it is good to go again. This type of recycling is great for the planet and helps companies to work in a greener way overall. As such, it is something to think about when disposing of old IT.

You could also choose to raise extra capital by remarketing your refurbed kit to other businesses, educational institutions or end-users. This can help raise more funds to buy the new IT gear you require or simply invest in other parts of your business. While this might sound a hassle, the right IT asset disposal partner can help remarket your old IT and drive sales.

Sometimes though, a faulty device might prevent complete wiping of all data from its drives. While this will mean it has to be physically shredded, do not worry too much. A reputable company will securely shred physical drives into tiny pieces at a proper recycling plant. These small pieces of old IT kit can then be made into new computers or laptops, amongst other things.

Choose a service which works for you

Disposing of your old IT can be done in a number of ways. The key is to choose the way which works best for your business. This will mean you use a service which is convenient and cost-effective. With all companies needing to drive down costs, this is a pressing concern. Of course, recent changes to working patterns due to COVID-19 also come into play here.

With more people working from home now, many businesses face a real challenge when it comes to disposing of IT equipment which is at the end of its life. Putting the responsibility onto home working staff is not really fair while having the kit couriered to IT asset partners could be expensive. Asking home-based staff to come into your main office to drop off hardware is not really feasible either. The best option here, therefore, is to use a remote data wiping service, such as the remote data wiping service Tier 1 offers. By finding methods which work best for you like this, you will reap the rewards.

Get in touch with Tier 1 for effective disposal of old IT

Here at Tier 1, we offer corporate disposal and recycling of old IT equipment. With ADISA accreditation and relevant ISO awards to our name, we are an MoD certified company who can be trusted to do a professional job. From standard IT asset disposal to IT asset recycling and remote wiping, our services help you to deal effectively with your outdated IT. Call on 0161 777 1000 today for more information.

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