IT asset disposal is something that every business should be prepared for, but not all businesses are. There are some definite dos and don’ts when it comes to disposing of your old laptops and PCs, but some companies still find themselves improperly disposing of old IT, sometimes even without knowing that their methods are improper and often not legal.

Be Wary of ‘Free’ IT Collection and Disposal

This isn’t to say that every company offering free IT disposal is not to be trusted, but it is wise to be wary of free disposal and collection companies. Always check the credentials of the company you plan on using for IT disposal and make sure they’re ADISA accredited. ADISA is the body that oversees the work of IT disposal and asset handling companies to ensure they’re complying with the relevant environmental and data protection legislation. To check if a company offering free IT disposal is ADISA accredited, you can search for a certified company on the ADISA website.

ADISA accredited companies guarantee the security of your assets, as they may contain sensitive client data that could breach data protection laws if accessed by somebody outside of your business. Legitimate IT disposal companies should not only recycle your IT in an environmentally considerate and ethical way, they should also be able to assure the security of your data and all of the information stored on the assets you’re disposing of.

Have a Strategy

Every company should have an IT asset management strategy. Legally, all businesses are required to dispose of their old computers, laptops, printers and general tech items responsibly. Having a disposal strategy makes it a simple process, ensuring your asset disposal is always efficient and effective.

An integral part of your strategy should be to find an ADISA accredited asset handling company, such as Tier 1. We are a Blancco Gold partner and are also one of the few UK asset handling companies to be awarded ADISA’s highest level of certification, a Distinction with Honors. The accreditation a company holds is a reflection of the quality of their work and therefore also indicates how effectively and securely they are able to dispose of your IT.

Don’t Ignore It

Discarding end-of-life IT with general waste can have extremely negative impacts on the environment, which is one of the main reasons why doing so is illegal and punishable by fines. IT contains toxic and hazardous chemicals and elements which have dangerous consequences for the health of humans and wildlife. In 2017 US broadcasting service, DirecTV, owned by AT&T, was fined $9.5 million for failing to dispose of electronic devices properly.

If you are unsure of how to best dispose of your business’ electronic waste or how to develop a robust IT disposal strategy, then get in touch with Tier 1. Not only are we Blancco Gold partners and ADISA accredited, we are passionate about helping businesses through secure IT handling.

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