Every business is aware of their overheads, but not all are aware that there are alternative ways to reduce expenditure when it comes to technology and IT assets.

Why reuse?

Reusing IT equipment within a business is a brilliant way to save money. However, it’s important it is done professionally to avoid potential data security issues and equipment being worn out before its time.

That’s why many savvy business owners opt to re-deploy their IT assets back into their business, a process which involves your business’ IT assets being cleansed, upgraded and refurbished before being put back into the business. This process saves you money and makes the IT assets last longer, which again, reduces costs in the long run and reduces the amount of electronic waste created.

All businesses are legally required to dispose of their electronic waste responsibly. Electronic waste can cover anything from fridges to printers, and most aptly, it includes IT assets. If your business doesn’t have an IT disposal strategy to ensure you are compliant with these e-waste disposal requirements, re-deploying your assets instead is a smart way of avoiding any e-waste related fines by not needing to dispose of the assets.

What if I want to dispose of it?

If you do want to dispose of your IT assets but don’t know how, Tier 1 is an ADISA certified company that offers a full range of IT Asset Disposal and Handling services and is compliant with all environmental, WEEE and GDPR legislation.

Re-deploying your IT assets helps to cut down the amount of e-waste in the world, which has negative environmental and health impacts due to the toxic components used in IT items such as monitors and laptops. Being more environmentally friendly and ethical as a business also has PR and CSR benefits.

GDPR compliance

The data cleansing services that Tier 1 provide are vital, as all businesses that store personal data have a legal obligation to handle it responsibly. With GDPR coming into effect, the restrictions on how data can be used and handled and the consequences if it is mishandled are even tougher.

While GDPR also includes paper data, such as signed contracts and physical documents, the main focus is on digitally stored data, as this has a higher potential to be leaked thanks to a hack, cyber attack or human error. Removing any data from a computer before re-deploying it into the business takes away this leak threat. Failure to comply with General Data Protection Regulations could cost businesses €20 million or 4% of their global turnover for the previous year (whichever figure is more).

If you would like to find out more about how Tier 1 can support your business with safe and secure IT asset management, please get in touch today on 0161 777 1000 or service@tier1.com.

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