We live in a world where electronic devices have become a huge part of our lives in many different ways. But, as we’ve written previously, this has led to a dangerous rise in eWaste.

According to The World Counts, globally we have produced 6.4 million tonnes, and still counting, of electrical and electronic waste (e-waste) since the start of 2017.

63% Rise

A recent United Nations report notes that Asia alone has seen e-waste rising by 63% in five years and the international organisation calls for the need to improve methods of recycling and disposal of e-waste.

Dead or broken down electrical and electronic equipment and appliances are fast becoming a waste nightmare for many communities the world over.

Unlike your usual household rubbish; defunct, obsolete or simply no longer wanted electrical and electronic equipment cannot just be thrown away without environmental repercussions.

It is to be expected that as commercial levels of smart technology increases, so too would e-waste. However, few other forms of waste are as toxic as discarded electrical items.

Potential Risks

E-waste not only poses an environmental problem but it’s also a potential threat to human and other life forms. It typically contains toxic chemicals that include mercury, lead, beryllium, cadmium, arsenic, and other heavy metals.

If these are simply disposed of in landfill, then these harmful products will seep into the surrounding environment. This, therefore, causes potential harm to water supply, land, and life near the area.

When you dispose of your old IT with Tier 1, we ensure that nothing goes to landfill. Wherever possible, we will refurbish and reuse any hardware that is sent to us. Reusing is far less time consuming and much more cost effective than recycling. However, if a piece of hardware has reached the end of its life then we will make sure that every component is recovered.

If you would like any help to safely dispose of your unwanted computers or laptops then call us on 0161 777 1000.

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