Computer giant Dell has set itself a new goal after surpassing its 2020 target to use 50 million pounds (Lbs) of sustainable materials in its products.

This fresh target will see Dell aim to use 100 million pounds of recycled-content plastic and other sustainable materials by 2020.

They have reset their goal to reflect the significant growth of post-consumer recycled materials.

Computer Takebacks

The report claims that Dell recovered 177 million pounds (Lbs) of used electronics last year.

This is due to the initiation of takeback schemes, which allow customers to return unwanted pieces of tech to Dell when purchasing new products.

According to Dell, this has made them the largest recycler of e-waste in the world.

99% Avoiding the Landfill

Dell’s manufacturing facilities diverted 99% of waste from landfill in the past year.

However, the global diversion rate in other Dell-operated buildings remains in the 50-60% range.

As well as surpassing their goal for sustainable materials, Dell also reached its goal of planting one million trees to offset carbon emissions and restore natural animal habitats.

Circular Economy

Dell also ramped up its commitment to the circular economy by launching a series of innovative recycling schemes and joining Ellen MacArthur’s Circular Economy 100 programme.

Dell made the announcement in their first CSR report since completing the purchase of EMC in the largest technology merger in history.

For the global eWaste crisis to become manageable, it is vital that more manufacturers take up similar targets as Dell.

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