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Big Data and ITAD

by | Apr 1, 2019 | News, Uncategorised

‘Big data’ is a concept that refers to the large volumes of data at the disposal of modern business. In its typical usage, it is not necessarily the volume of data that makes big data such a valuable asset, but the way it is used. Big data can be mined for insights that lead to more informed decision making, and more strategic planning.

Big data is having a transformative impact across the business world, and that is also being felt in the IT asset disposal industry. The insight provided by big data is now enabling ITAD vendors to provide a much more intelligent reverse supply chain service, drawing on a wealth of analytics to deliver assets to the right market, and to recoup the maximum possible revenue for their clients.

Big Data and the Reverse Supply Chain

The analytics and insight generated by big data provides ITAD vendors with enhanced visibility into the reverse supply chain. ITAD providers utilising big data have a more detailed view of precisely what stage of the reselling process a particular asset is currently in, enabling more effective reverse logistics management, and, ultimately, greater resale value for the client.

Big Data and Market Insights

Market demand is one of the hardest forces for any ITAD provider to predict. Thankfully, big data can help ITAD vendors to make more strategic decisions, and to better predict market movements and trends. IT assets can rise and fall in price and demand like any other commodity, and being able to predict when to sell and when to hold out is an invaluable service for ITAD companies to offer.

Big Data and Distribution Channels

Big data now enables ITAD vendors to understand more clearly precisely where each asset is at each point of the reverse supply chain. In some cases, ITAD providers are able to use big data to index and scan their list of reselling and recycling partners to build a highly detailed picture of their distribution channels, helping providers to identify the best opportunities for resale, and to maximise the return on each asset.

With over 25 years industry experience, tier1 are proud to be the UK’s most accredited ITAD supplier. We possess the skills, accreditations and experience to handle our clients’ data with the care they deserve, and to dispose of it responsibly and legally.

Contact us today on 0161 777 1000 or visit https://www.tier.com to find out how we can help you dispose of your data safely and reliably.


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