Apple has announced it is working towards a ‘closed-loop supply chain’.

The move means the company could create future products using entirely recycled and reused materials. This comes as Apple announced it is looking to end its reliance on mining for resources.

Building New Products

The company states on its environment report page: “We’re moving toward a closed-loop supply chain. One day we’d like to be able to build new products with just recycled materials, including your old products.”

In a page explaining its resource ambitions, Apple says: “To start, we’re encouraging more customers to recycle their old devices through Apple Renew.

“And we’re piloting innovative new recycling techniques, like our line of disassembly robots, so we can put reclaimed materials to better use in new products.

“It’s an ambitious goal that will require many years of collaboration across multiple Apple teams, our suppliers, and specialty recyclers — but our work is already under way.”

Whilst it is an ambitious and admirable goal, it seems there’s still a way to go until Apple gets to the point where it can stop mining for materials. The company’s vice president of environment, policy and social initiatives told VICE news that Apple doesn’t know how it will be achieved.

Recycling Robots

That doesn’t mean they are not looking for creative solutions to the issue though.

Last year it demonstrated a recycling robot that deconstructs iPhone 6S handsets, recycling parts for use in other phones. As the world’s second-largest smartphone maker, Apple is also looking into ways to reuse materials. For example, it melted down the aluminum enclosures on the iPhone 6 to make Mac mini computers to use in its factories and it said that it is moving to 100 percent recycled tin solder on the main logic board of iPhone 6s.

We’re a huge fan of what Apple is aiming for here. If every major tech producer can meet this goal then there could be a huge reduction in the electronic waste that is currently being produced.

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