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We often meet businesses who are reluctant to make the switch to refurbished laptops and PCs. There are a number of reasons for this but most are due to poor experiences in the past. That’s why we thought it was important to put together this guide to explain refurbished IT in more detail and encourage you to consider it for your future requirements.

1. “Refurb equipment is not as reliable.”

“It is already second hand and is therefore going to have a higher failure rate than new equipment.”

Answer: All equipment purchased from Tier 1 goes through a thorough test and data wipe as part of the standard process. Any failure is identified at this stage and parts are often replaced.

Once an order is placed, any systems are then retested as part of a pre-delivery inspection process. Any faults will be picked up in this part of the process. Our failure rate is less than 1.5% which is comparable with failure rate on new equipment sales anyway!

2. “I can buy a new entry level laptop for the same price. Why would I buy refurbished?”

Answer: Yes, you can buy an entry level “cheap and cheerful” laptop for a low cost. However, these are often poorly built with cheaper components and limited technical ability.

The systems provided by Tier 1 are generally high-end models from the major manufacturers which have been used in large corporate environments. These units are built to provide leading edge technology to power hungry users. For most situations, an ex-corporate machine will be able to provide the computing power required. Furthermore, Tier 1 is able to offer installed upgrades of RAM and SSD Drives to increase performance.

3. “Refurbished equipment can be in poor condition – how can I be sure we receive good quality equipment?”

Answer: All laptops are individually graded with standard condition codes. It is these condition codes which determine if the laptop is a Grade A, B or C. The grade then determines the price, with discounts offered for Grade B and C equipment. All grades are recorded against the individual asset and is available for viewing from our stock list and website.

4. “There’s no consistency of supply. If I place an order today I might not be able to buy the same machine next month.”

Answer: Tier 1 processes in excess of 80,000 laptops and PC’s per annum through our IT disposal contracts. From our 40,000 sq/ft facility we always have large volumes of stock available for sale. Where stock from our IT disposal contracts is running low, we purchase additional stock from the market but still process these in exactly the same way including testing and grading. It is worth noting that new equipment models can also become obsolete and are often harder to source than older refurbished models.

5. “Refurbished equipment comes poorly packaged.”

“It looks second hand before the customer has even taken it out of the box.”

Answer: We understand that perception is as important as reality. To this end, Tier 1 has developed a packaging solution for refurbished equipment which allows it to sit side by side with a new machine.

The idea is that anyone receiving one of our refurbished units is delighted with the price but does not feel like they are receiving a substandard product. We can provide a video of our facility which highlights the refurb process and the quality of our packaging.

6. “How do we know if it is licensed with a legal copy of Microsoft Windows?”

Tier 1 is a Microsoft Registered Refurbisher and is authorised to install a Windows 10 licence on to any second-hand machine where required.

We have many customers who hold Microsoft site licences and therefore do not require an OS installed. Why pay for a licence with new equipment when it is not required? With Tier 1, you have the choice.

7. “Refurbished equipment doesn’t have the same warranty as buying a new machine.”

Tier 1 provides all refurbished equipment with a 12 months warranty as standard. Extended warranties of 2 and 3 years can be purchased at the same time to offer you ultimate peace of mind.

When you buy from Tier 1, you can be sure your device has been refurbished to a very high standard. It may also have had maintenance works and updates done to it, and new parts added if required.

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