IT disposal service

Virtually every business, no matter how big or small now uses a considerable amount of IT equipment. This means that, as items become worn or obsolete, companies are faced with the tricky task of IT disposal.

IT disposal can seem difficult because businesses are obligated to follow strict disposal guidelines set out by the European waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) directive that promotes the re-use and recycling of old items. It is also bound up with data security issues such as compromised and stolen data with strict sanctions under GDPR.

So, how should you go about disposing of your company’s electronic waste? Here are five vital things to think about:

1. Secure IT disposal can benefit your business

There are many ways in which securely disposing of IT equipment can be beneficial to your business, including:

  • You can avoid adding to the global e-waste disposal crisis that is harming the environment. This will reflect well on the integrity of your brand.
  • Safe disposal helps protect your company and employees from data theft.
  • You can rest in the knowledge that you will not be fined for breaching the European WEEE directive.

2. Secure IT equipment disposal services are very different from free recycling offers

You may be tempted to send your company’s old IT equipment to an organisation offering free recycling. This is a very risky move, however.

Free recycling offers do not include the same device cleansing and data retrieval services as safe IT disposition firms. This means that your data will not be completely removed from devices, and someone may get hold of sensitive information that could be used against you.

Remember that the only way to completely rid devices of important data is to enlist professional data wipers. Having said this, it is also your responsibility to ensure that as much sensitive data as possible has been removed from devices before sending them on to any recycling company.

3. IT waste contains many types of rare metals and minerals

Simply dumping old IT equipment is a waste of rare metals and minerals. In this way, it is important to salvage and recycle as many of these minerals and metals as possible. Remember that mining for these materials can be dangerous, so it is important to try to mitigate the need for it. Nothing handled by Tier 1 finds its way to landfill. With a manual disassembly process to break down items into their constituent parts as soon as possible in the process, we reduce waste and create efficiencies that huge, expensive to run machines simply cannot.

4. IT equipment contains dangerous lithium

IT waste contains lithium batteries, which can be dangerous to handlers. Indeed, when a lithium battery degrades and lithium is exposed, it is highly reactive with water and oxygen. This can have a number of negative consequences including:

  • Intense and fast-spreading fires.
  • The release of toxic chemicals into our atmosphere.
  • Groundwater pollution.

The only way to avoid these devastating eventualities is to hire a secure IT disposal company.

5. IT disposal services are the best way to get rid of old technology

If the above points weren’t enough to convince you, rest assured that as a secure IT asset disposal company, Tier 1 are committed to their clients and will stop at nothing to ensure they are compliant with the European WEEE directive.

Secure disposal services take on a number of tasks including:

  • Thoroughly cleansing data from devices using the latest data security technologies.
  • Successfully recycling all IT assets to make sure nothing gets sent to landfill.
  • Providing an asset-tracking facility so clients can check how the disposal process is progressing.

As this brief guide has hopefully demonstrated, safe IT equipment disposition is a vital part of running a business that takes its corporate social responsibility (CSR) seriously.

Tier 1 is an IT disposal company that is well aware of this, which is why we introduced our unique prison workshop programme designed to take CSR and social value one step further. The initiative allows prison residents to receive a special recycling qualification that can ease them into the world of work. So far, it has helped over 130 ex-offenders find employment, work experience, volunteering and education opportunities. Find out more about our unique IT recycling solution, and contact us today to discuss how we can help your business dispose of end of life IT equipment.

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