What is ‘ITAD’?

The acronym ‘ITAD’ stands for ‘IT Asset Disposal’, and refers to the handling and disposal of end-of-life IT items, such as laptops and PCs. Proper IT disposal is carried out by accredited ITAD service providers and prioritises security and adherence to environmental regulations.


When disposing of end-of-life IT, security is a top priority. The security of the data the end-of-life assets hold and the security of the processes used to dispose of the assets are equally important. As a company, you are responsible for any client data that you store. As such, any data leaks or the mishandling of assets during the disposal process that results in the misuse of this data could result in your company being held legally responsible.

To avoid the mishandling of data, be sure to choose an ADISA accredited IT disposal partner with secure premises and staff that employ a rigorous disposal process.


For your peace of mind, Tier 1’s ADISA accredited disposal service tracks individual components of the assets we handle as well as what stages in the disposal or refurbishment process the assets are at. We are a Blancco Gold Partner and champion transparency, offering timely and accurate reporting on all of your data bearing assets.


The two key things that need to be considered when disposing of IT assets are security and the environmental impact of your waste. GDPR, WEEE and environmental legislation cover these areas, and therefore it’s important to use an accredited ITAD company who complies with these. At Tier 1, we are fully compliant with all data and environmental legislation and pride ourselves on providing a service that helps to reduce e-waste while offering security in both the physical and digital aspects of our disposal process.

Want to know more about the ITAD process and how Tier 1 can help your company with your IT asset disposal or refurbishment? Get in touch with our friendly, knowledgeable team today.

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