Apple Looking to Create Products Entirely from Recycled Materials

Apple has announced it is working towards a ‘closed-loop supply chain’. The move means the company could create future products using entirely recycled and reused materials. This comes as Apple announced it is looking to end its reliance on mining … Read More

Researchers Develop New Way to Recycle eWaste

We have written extensively on the topic that eWaste is fast becoming a global issue. As an increasing number of electronic products come into circulation, huge amounts are also being disposed of. This equates to a significant amount of eWaste. … Read More

E-Waste Rises to 6.4mn Tonnes Since Start of 2017

We live in a world where electronic devices have become a huge part of our lives in many different ways. But, as we’ve written previously, this has led to a dangerous rise in eWaste. According to The World Counts, globally … Read More

Samsung Finally Release Plans For Note 7 Recycling

Rewind back to October 2016 and you’ll remember the farce that was the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. The short-lived smartphone was quickly discontinued after a number of them “blew up”. With over 4 million handsets recalled, the escapade could be … Read More