Cast your minds back to June 23rd 2016. The United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union with a vote of 52%-48%.

Fast forward two weeks.

Lenovo announced that the vote to leave the EU would almost certainly cause an increase in computer costs in the UK. Read the original article on The Guardian.

The Chinese company’s chief financial officer, Wai Ming Wong, said: “To the extent that we need to pass things onto the customer, we will.”

He said Lenovo would also look for other ways to deal with the cost of the falling pound.

Shortly after that, Dell followed suit by quietly releasing the news that customers can expect around a 10% increase, as reported by The Register.

Next came Microsoft, whose price rise looks to be around 13%.

Then of course there was Apple. The release of their brand new MacBook Pro was used as a way to hike up prices.

Now, if you’re looking for a cost effective ray of hope in this inflation based darkness then here it is.

Through Tier 1 Online, we are able to sell much of the top quality IT equipment that we refurbish. The benefit of this is that it is sourced from within the UK. Therefore, we don’t have to deal with suppliers from abroad such as Dell and Apple. This allows us to keep our prices low. Whilst the cost of new equipment spikes, our prices don’t move.

One of the concerns we often face from new customers is that refurbished hardware is of lower quality than brand new kit. To alleviate that concern, our returns rate for used laptops is under 2.5%, which is lower than the rate for brand new equipment.

We currently supply and refurbish laptops for some of the biggest organisations in the United Kingdom. This includes large media companies, retail groups, accountancy firms and many more. In fact, given the current low value of the Pound, we’re even selling a high quantity of laptops across Europe as continental businesses look to take advantage of the reduced costs.

The economic downturn post Brexit was widely reported before and after the vote. Whether or not the ill-effects are felt in the long term is yet to be seen. A lot will depend on the deal that is made with the EU once article 50 is triggered.

However, in the short term, whilst the Pound to the Dollar sits at its lowest rate for over 30 years, if you’re looking to buy IT equipment – buy refurbished. You could make some significant savings.

If you’d like to browse what stock we currently have available, visit Tier 1 Online or you can call us on 0161 777 1007.

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