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IT Refurbishment and Remarketing

Tier 1's unrivalled re-marketing ability has helped us to return over £60 million back to our corporate clients.


Tier 1 has been providing high quality refurbished systems for over fifteen years. In this time we have created an exceptional product and service offering for refurbished IT and at the same time generated in excess of £60M to our corporate clients. Our aim is to provide a credible, reliable and commercially viable solution for customers who want to get more value out of their IT budget.

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All of our refurbished systems are supplied with a one year warranty as standard with options to upgrade to two and three years warranty. As a Microsoft Registered Refurbisher we are able to pre-install Windows OS. Further upgrades of SSD Drives and RAM are also available. We aim to provide the same experience when purchasing a Refurbished system as you would get when buying new – but at a lower price.

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Marketing Channels

Our multi-channel sales policy, which has been developed over twenty years, means we are not susceptible to the same market fluctuations that other organisations who focus on trade sales may face as we sell to individual end users, SMEs, education, B2B and trade. We’re increasingly selling low-cost IT systems to social inclusion schemes and housing associations who simply wish to get more value from their IT spend. Higher prices of new equipment, as a result of the exchange rate, is also pushing customers to find better value for money from  their IT spend and refurbished equipment is often the answer. 

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Schools and Colleges are always under pressure to reduce costs at the same time as needing to invest in IT systems. Budget cuts together with increased prices often makes this impossible to achieve. Tier 1 can offer educational customers quality branded IT equipment with upgrades and options as a lower cost alternative to traditional IT purchasing methods. Education establishments realise they need to do something different and Tier 1 refurbished equipment provides an alternative solution. 


Small businesses historically operate with a limited IT budget and as a result no clear IT refresh policy. Purchasing new equipment is expensive and is often replaced as a last resort. Speak to the employees however and they will complain that their IT is slow and cumbersome and is often quite old. Buying three year old refurbished equipment with faster SSD drives and the latest Windows OS can have a significant impact on IT performance and with it employee productivity. This alternative approach allows UK businesses to refresh their IT more often and without compromising on either service or support.


Our Tier1Online e-commerce site is a simple and convenient way to purchase quality refurbished Laptops and PCs. We stock a wide range of professionally refurbished laptops, iPads, PC systems and much more.


Tier 1’s trade team are well established in supplying refurbished IT equipment to Reseller Partners. Working with Resellers is a key strategy for Tier 1 as this is where relationships with customers (education and B2B) are strongest. Our trade team is on hand to provide pricing and stock availability. We believe the growth in sales of refurbished equipment will take place through the Reseller Channel and we are here to support you.

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