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Computer Disposal

Tier 1 recognise that secure computer disposal is a major element of an asset's lifecycle and as such, place a great deal of emphasis on providing our customers with accurate and timely reporting. We offer 100% accuracy and accountability for every single one of your IT assets.


Data security is the absolute bedrock of the Tier 1 business. We are trusted by central government and major corporations who expect the highest standards. Tier 1 get it right every time because there is no alternative; that is why these customers have become long-term partners. We’re proud to be a Blancco ‘Gold’ partner and an ADISA ‘Pass with Distinction’ member. A strong, process-led approach ensures enough checks and balances to guarantee secure sanitisation of data. With the implementation of the GDPR legislation, this will be a key driver for all organisations large and small.

Tier 1 employee during the computer recycling process

Accurate Reporting

Precise and timely data when your assets have been disposed of is the domain of our experienced Service Delivery function who ensure that SLAs are met and exceeded. We provide this information in a format to suit your business needs. Our reporting is automated so there are no delays in getting this information across to you.

The login screen for Asset Management Online to track computer recycling progress

Generating & Maintaining Value

Tier 1 utilise our specialist product sales team to maximise revenue through a number of established channels. Emphasis on end users, education and SMEs help to boost returns and provide value to our customers who are growing in number and are the bedrock of the UK economy.

Tier 1 specialist product sales team

Business Sectors

The Tier 1 service covers all areas of industry where IT and data are prevalent. Our process is used by Government and major players in financial, retail, utility and professional services industries, where nothing but the highest of standards are accepted.

London Financial District


Tier 1 understands that when disposing of IT assets, guaranteed data security is the essential obligation, above all other considerations.


Data is sanitised by using an NCSC High Level three level Blancco overwrite on all data bearing assets (Tier 1 is one of only a handful of UK Blancco ‘Gold’ partners). As a last resort, when a hard drive must be shredded, we use an ADISA approved physical destruction method. In either case, Tier 1’s secure process is guided by the stipulations of the Security Policy Framework (SPF) and the latest version of IAS 5.

Secure Premises & Staff

Our secure premises are vetted and approved by MoD to handle Government assets and we currently have 27 SC cleared staff for your further peace of mind. CCTV, perimeter fencing and clear segregation of data bearing and non-data bearing assets all contribute to an environment of safety and security.

Secure Logistics

We use SC cleared crews in solid-sided, GPS tracked vehicles that adhere to strict security guidelines on all collections. Uniformed and courteous staff will undertake an ADISA approved logistics process that keeps your assets secure from your site to ours. Our collections process also includes onsite scanning of asset and serial numbers for added security.

Data Sanitisation Capabilities

Tier 1 are able to undertake off-site and on-site data sanitisation. This includes magnetic hard drives, solid state devices, network equipment, magnetic tapes, data bearing MFDs and mobile or handheld devices. Please contact us for a full list of our data sanitisation capabilities for a wide range of media and devices.

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