In these uncertain times, we wanted to update you on how Tier 1 is responding to the ever-changing circumstances we are currently faced with in relation to COVID-19. Tier 1’s main priority is the safety of our employees, partners and customers at all times.

As lockdown restrictions begin to ease across the UK, many businesses are planning to resume their IT disposal process. We have put together a document that outlines strict guidelines being adhered to by all Tier 1 representatives, on and offsite, in order to offer reassurance that Tier 1’s secure disposal service is safe, compliant and fit for purpose during the COVID-19 period.

The document covers how we are managing risk during works, including social distancing, maintaining a safe working environment, and vehicle cleaning. Our customers also have a key part to play by ensuring the collection is properly prepared and keeping interaction to a minimum. These guidelines are intended to make the Tier 1 secure disposal process as safe as possible and to minimise the risks associated with COVID-19.

View the full document here and if you need further information, please contact your Account Manager.

We will continue to monitor the situation and update you on changes to the above as necessary.

Finally, we hope that you and your family are safe and well during this trying time.

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