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Corporate ICT Re-deployment

An increasingly common option taken by savvy organisations is to utilise Tier 1's 'refurbish to re-deploy' scheme and cascade their IT assets back into their business. In the current financial climate, re-deployment makes perfect business sense.

Saving Money

It is not uncommon to see a Tier 1 customer re-deploy a two year old asset, professionally refurbished, re-imaged and smartly packaged back into another area of their business where cutting edge technology is not as crucial, at a far less expensive price than buying new.

Tier 1 is perfectly placed to help you save considerable amounts of money in this way, whilst still making recipients of refurbished equipment feel valued.

Refurbishment & Upgrades

The quality of refurbishment, particularly of laptops and the quality of the repackaging of these items ensures that recipients do not feel like second-class citizens when it comes to receiving their ‘new’ machine. Software and OS upgrades can be carried out thanks to Tier 1’s Microsoft Registered Refurbisher status and the excellence of our engineers.

Configure your device to order with a range of SSD, RAM and other upgrades available to ensure you get the best device for your requirements. We can even add a warranty option for complete peace of mind.

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