The UK is considered Europe’s top hub for tech startups (almost 30,000 tech startups have been funded here in the past 5 years). Not only has the nation seen success in the tech sector when it comes to startups, but in general the United Kingdom has an impressive number of startups and SMEs across all types of industries.

Whether a tech startup or a new start high street shop, all businesses need dependable, good quality IT to help them manage and keep track of their business’ affairs both online and offline. For many startups, saving money where possible is a common goal, often leading them to buying new, low quality IT assets or second-hand IT assets from resale sites such as eBay and Facebook Marketplace. The issue with IT that hasn’t been professionally refurbished is that devices often haven’t been wiped ready for reuse and the security of data for both buyer and seller is put at risk.

This is where professionally refurbished IT comes in. It’s reliable, high quality, low cost and has a host of benefits that help protect startups from security breaches, overspending and potentially harming their business’ reputation.

Cost Effective Security

For those apprehensive about the quality and capabilities of refurbished IT, their ability to provide adequate security and protection is a common question. When refurbished by a firm like Tier 1, devices are often upgraded to feature new motherboards, processors or more memory, depending on what each individual device needs to perform at its absolute best. This means that there are no surprises as to the features of a refurbished asset, and that security is just as – if not, more – guaranteed as with a brand new device.

Corporate Social Responsibility

All businesses are at risk of knowingly or unknowingly breaking GDPR or WEEE laws when it comes to how they handle their old IT assets. But startups, who often have limited funds and need to maintain a good reputation at all times to attract investment, are at a much greater risk of the implications of these legislation breaches harming their business irreparably. The solution to protecting themselves from this fate not only helps businesses avoid gaining a poor reputation, but in fact helps them attain a positive reputation and perception.

Using refurbished IT has many CSR and social value benefits, as it is more eco-friendly, WEEE compliant and not only reduces waste overall, but helps take e-waste out of illegal disposal facilities in developing countries. In these facilities, the local people who work there are exposed to toxic elements from the breaking and burning of IT assets, putting their health at great risk and poisoning the air, water and land in the often-inhabited surroundings.

Better Tech

Refurbished IT assets provide startups with the unique chance to access higher quality technology at a much lower price, with quality guaranteed. Through refurbished devices, startups with small budgets that need good quality, tried-and-tested tech can equip their business with top of the range ICT items they need to get ahead of competitors, all for less than buying the same brand new, lower quality devices.

At Tier 1, we have a wide range of professionally refurbished PCs and laptops. Take a look at Tier 1 Online or get in touch today to speak to one of our friendly team.  

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