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There are many benefits to recycling your old IT, rather than throwing it away or allowing it to gather dust. Imagine if doing something as simple as recycling a retired piece of IT had the power to change peoples lives. With Tier 1, it does.

Improving Lives Through Recycling

Tier 1 work with Antz Junction, a charity also based in Manchester, to help Break The Cycle that many ex-offenders find themselves in once they leave prison. Through our partnership, we’ve formed our Through The Gate programme, an initiative proven to help reduce re-offending rates and help ex-offenders access opportunities for a better life.

The programme, which has garnered international acclaim after winning the Asset Disposal and Information Security Alliance award for ‘Best ADISA ITAD Project’, has resulted in 75% of participants securing employment or work experience once released from prison.

The programme works by training prisoners in how to securely recycle IT equipment, providing them with valuable skills to help them obtain employment and a qualification to prove their capabilities.

Other benefits

Reducing ewaste

Recycling your old IT equipment with a responsible and certified IT asset disposal and handling company, such as Tier 1, helps in reducing the amount of e-waste in the world. Electronic waste is one of the largest growing epidemics the environment is facing, as toxic elements used in IT equipment poison the earth and water when not disposed of properly and securely. Improper IT disposal generally takes the form of discarded electronic waste being shipped to developing countries to be disassembled by hand and burnt. The workers handling the equipment often face ill health effects due to the toxic nature of many electronic items components.

Saving money

Not only does recycling e-waste keep it out of landfill and developing countries, where it can harm people and the environment, it also allows charities, schools, students and start-up businesses to access good quality IT at a competitive price, if the IT is refurbished and resold (which is common). This lower cost but high quality IT allows schools and nonprofits to run on their generally tight budgets and small businesses to access the IT they need to grow, which helps the economy.

Improving skills

Refurbished IT doesn’t just stay up in the UK, either. Tier 1 works with digital equality charity Computer Aid, and helped to furnish one of their ZubaBoxes with laptops and computers, which is used to educate marginalised Colombian youth and give them valuable computer skills through IT access.

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