The Department for Education has splashed out on 500 Microsoft Surface devices at a cost of almost half a million pounds. The deal, which was awarded on the 19th of February, equates to a total cost-per-unit of £887, which were either Microsoft Surface Pros or Surface Books.

A Better Alternative?

With the Department for Education spending so much on brand new equipment, are there better alternatives that Government departments could consider in the future when it comes to refreshing their IT?

Refurbished devices offer a multitude of benefits, including proven longevity and quality, as well as significant cost savings. Not only that, the environmental benefits including reducing e-waste and being a more ethical alternative to brand new IT should come into consideration.

Refurbished IT costs less than brand new devices, but can still offer the same level of quality. With refurbished systems, you can often get a higher spec device for far less than a brand new entry level device. The money saved can then be redistributed into other areas of a business.

Save Money & Improve Quality With Refurb

Some businesses are still wary about buying refurbished IT which is why we’ve put together this blog to address the 7 Objections to Buying Refurbished IT.

To protect your business from overspending on an IT refresh, and to make a more ethical and secure choice, be sure to opt for refurbished assets with a fully accredited and high quality refurbisher, such as Tier 1.

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