Brexit impact on GDPR

New research from international professional services network, Deloitte, shows that a “no-deal” Brexit would have implications of the flow of personal data, governed by GDPR, for businesses and organisations that hold data in the UK.

Regardless of the outcome of Brexit, it’s important that UK businesses make changes and ensure their handling of data is GDPR compliant to protect themselves and those whose data they store.

More Changes

Every organisation that processes or transfers personal data, or that has a group entity in the UK will need to ensure they’re GDPR compliant. The key ways they can do this is to list all of the data flows using processing records as a starting point, then use this list to update or amend any data handling processes the organisation carries out to make sure it’s compliant and traceable, and also update or alter any contracts relating to personal data and GDPR that require it.

If not already in place, organisations should implement a process for tracking the movement and use of personal data, so that they can prove how the data is being used and remove all traces of it if the person whom the data belongs to requests so, or if they invoke the ‘right to be forgotten’.

The Data-Leak Dangers of IT Disposal

An often overlooked aspect of GDPR compliance and data security is IT disposal. When not carried out by an accredited firm, disposing of old IT assets such as laptops and desktop systems can leave an organisation vulnerable to a data leak, as some IT disposal companies don’t prioritise data and asset security, nor legislation that covers WEEE and environmental requirements.

To protect your company from a data leak and the repercussions of GDPR legislation, such as fines and reputational damage, be sure to update your IT Asset Disposal policy along with any other changes you make in the wake of Deloitte’s research on Brexit’s impact on GDPR. When constructing an IT Asset Disposal strategy, be sure to opt for a company that is ADISA accredited, as well as GDPR and WEEE compliant. At Tier 1, we offer 100% accuracy and accountability with timely reporting so you can track every single one of your IT assets through the IT disposal process.

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