No matter how well you think your business functions on a day to day basis, there are always a few butterflies when your industry-standard auditors are on site to independently assess your work.

So it was when ADISA supremo Steve Mellings was on site to conduct Tier 1’s full audit, accompanied by ADISA’s newest auditor, Tony Benham.

The latest ADISA standard is an exacting one and it takes time and resource to provide the auditable evidence required to prove that Tier 1 does what we claim to do. Of course this allows us to stand in front of customers and potential partners with the utmost confidence that our process and premises stand up to the scrutiny that a forensic assessment by their own IS specialists will pass muster.

Obviously, we’ll publish the outcome of our audit as soon as we know!

Our doors are always open to relevant visitors considering Tier 1 as their chosen IT disposal partner. Let us know and come and have a look round with our ‘I am impressed guarantee’!

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