GDPR: Confusion Over Data Breach Laws – Do You Know The Rules?

Protecting the data of your business should be one of your top priorities. If it isn’t then you are risking punishment. However, the standards expected and the punishments available are still unclear to many people. Leading legal experts are struggling … Read More

Tonnes of eWaste Illegally Dumped in Developing Countries

Millions of mobile phones, laptops, and tablets are being dumped illegally in developing countries every year. The UN has warned that eWaste is expected to grow by 33% in the next four years. This means the waste will weigh the … Read More

Manchester Leading the Way in Tackling Poverty via Progressive Procurement

Manchester City Council is pioneering a scheme designed to reinvest in the local economy, according to a new report published recently by the Centre for Local Economic Strategies (CLES). The scheme was launched at an event at Manchester Town Hall … Read More

Connected Cars Storing Data Despite Being Wiped

Security researchers have revealed that some Connected Car apps may leak information despite being wiped. Among the most high-profile breaches so far involved Jeep, after researchers hacked a vehicle and took full control of it. Everything from controlling the radio … Read More