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Understandably, many Tier 1 customers prefer not to have their organisations, or individuals responsible for data security, named in the public domain. However we do have a number of current customers from a wide range of sectors that are willing to talk honestly about the service they receive from Tier 1. Independent verification by way of ADISA accreditation may offer peace of mind on a practical level, but often, there is no substitute to actually speaking to an end user to get a feel of the personality, attitude and approach Tier 1 provide. If you’d like to know more, Jon Selby can introduce you to a customer in your sector.

Health services

The seemingly endless re-positioning, creation and abolition of health service bodies has resulted in a large quantity of ICT equipment needing secure disposal and re-deployment. Thanks to Tier 1’s data security credentials, a number of centralised bodies and local health trusts utilise the Tier 1 guarantee for data security. Mindful of the impact of expensive fines at a time of financial cuts and the resulting huge loss of reputation and trust, health authorities more than most will vouch for the peace of mind Tier 1 provide. We will be pleased to put you in contact with customers whose names we cannot (understandably) publish online. Contact Jon Selby for more information.

National Health Service - Local Trusts

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